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Our web sites have sexually stimulating content (stories with minimal images) to appeal to intelligent and literate biological females and
biological males who want to cultivate their imagination, and become totally attuned to their erogenous zones.

Our initial content has been created by the dick-brain who calls himself Harry Merkin. We are soliciting
user-generated content from a group of fans. To date, we have received erotic plot ideas and bare-bones outlines. These will be developed into publishable stories in the near future. Though we have zero social media presence now, we plan to open accounts anonymously. Our intention is to create a lively community of hands-on hedonists.


the Merkin blog
Les charmes de la masturbation

the Merkin blog
by Harry Merkin

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14 September 2021
Some of you want more details about, She Is Barely Married, an illicit story. Here you go:
First of all, it has been my experience that only one third (plus or minus) of women can experience a vaginal orgasm. At first, it often takes much longer than a clitoral orgasm. In other words, don’t try this during a furtive fuck in the attic or basement while her parents are elsewhere in the house. How long could it take? The longest for one of my girlfriends has been 45 minutes. She stayed lubricated. She really liked the climax. Anyway, who fucks with a stopwatch? Trust me, time flies when you are having fun.

Here is the key fact: there is potential for a vaginal orgasm IF she stays aroused and lubricated for many minutes of intercourse WITHOUT direct, external clitoral stimulation. Stop if she is not lubricated. Work on her clit if you want to be with her for more than this one time.

One of these days I’ll write about the girl I met at the apartment pool. She came up to my place and we kept talking while I removed my Speedo and rinsed it in the lavatory. She was nonchalant about my nudity. I took that as a good sign.

11 September 2021
She Is Barely Married, an illicit story, is available.
(read more)

6  May 2021
Long-suffering Melinda Gates filed for divorce. Is this why?

Bill Gates, he can’t muster much keenness
For pounding his wife’s Mount of Venus.
She's so seldom orgasm-ly loft;
Microscopic and soft
Is the usual state of Bill's penis.

     original limerick by the one they call Desanex

11 October 2020
Shere Hite died a month ago at age 77.

04 October 2020
More Lust in the Time of the Corona.
My newest story, How Our Love Began, is now available. (read more)

21 March 2020

Lust in the Time of Corona (with apologies to Gabriel García Márquez):
Russian bodybuilder and fitness model Yulia Ushakova Models Medical Masks
Imagine unmasking her!

Yulia Ushakova

14 February 2020
Valentine's Day story, I Want To Do More, is now available. (read more)

12 February 2020
Here is a foretaste of my Valentine's Day story
, I Want To Do More:

We kissed on our second date. The first kiss was not premeditated. Our eyes met during a lull in our conversation. Smiles, more shy than sensuous, filled our faces and we moved closer. Our smiles grew and our lips moved closer. Just when our smiles could not get any bigger, our lips met, but only for an instant. We had been unprepared for the intensity of that first kiss. We kissed again. And yet again.

These were simply kisses. Not a kiss as a preliminary nor a kiss as prelude. Those came soon.

The kiss as prelude is the mark of lovers.

It starts with a glance that leads to a kiss. The kiss becomes a prelude to more kisses. Those kisses become a prelude to foreplay. Foreplay is a prelude to splaying legs and spilling semen. With time, kisses become a prelude to promises that lead to a commitment that leads to permanence. Kisses bind us.

2 February 2020
Happy Groundhog Day. Harry finally came out of his writing cave and saw his shadow. His latest creative project is political porn. Check out these pages:
a. BLOG: comments, ephemera, speculation, etc.
b. How to tell if your news source has an agenda.
c. An Introduction to The Left in 7 Parts.

Our next installment of erotica for this site is due Valentines Day. We hope it will get your juices flowing.

16 January 2020
More story ideas are coming in. Some will end up in our fetish site.
Thank you for sharing.

1 January 2020
A new story, Latter Day Dalliance, is now available. (read more)

16 December 2019
The next part of Californicated is now available. (read more)
Part one of Californicated is now complete. Part two will appear during 2020.

30 November 2019
Yet more of Californicated is now available.
(read more)
The fifth installment will be posted in mid December 2019.

13 November 2019
More of Californicated is now available. (read more)
The fourth installment will be posted in late November 2019.

31 October 2019
More of Californicated is now available.
(read more)
The third installment will be posted 13 November 2019.

17 October 2019
Californicated is now online.
(read more)
The second installment will be posted 31 October 2019

10 October 2019
So far, I've told only a few Harvard college classmates and other friends about this new venture. Thank you so much for spreading the word. Your knowledge of merkins, and where they are worn, is

3 October 2019
Making Waves is now online. (read more)

28 September 2019
Coming soon: Making Waves, a story of two couples having sex in a hot tub, and our Halloween-themed, Californicated.

22 September 2019
Could autoeros be applied to automobiles? Cunningly yes, as in she being Brand new, a delicious poem by e. e. cummings.

I am now driven to distraction by memories of making out (and more) with girlfriends while in my car. Oh, to fog up the windows again!

21 September 2019
So, what is autoeros?
It is 'self love' and no less worthy of 'wordship' than autocrator, autocratrix or autodidact. Essentially, autoeroticism is autodidactic; one of the first things we teach ourselves.

20 September 2019
Welcome to the new primary site of the United States Autoerotic Association. he following pages have additional content and links to stimulating short stories:






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